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Not This Time – 8

As expected, Evan messed up at work, and  again asked Nina to take the burden.   This time she refused because it would go...

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Oliver's Odyssey – 72

Insane with anger at Wendy's 'betrayal' or 'disobedience'  or 'fraud' Oliver went to the law school, wanting to grab Wendy, beat her to death.He...

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Power 14

When you are behind Closed Doors there is always a Power struggle.  People wanting to get behind those Doors, people wanting your position.There comes...

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Plastic Ruby -12

The music began to  play.   Amelia rose to dance with her husband, Joe.  All the guests clapped as they  took the floor under...

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Can't Do Better – 35

There is a difference between the awkward, gauche person with poor social skills, and the Introverted Narcissist who Can't Do Better.Imagine you are at...

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Not This Time – 8

Oliver's Odyssey – 72

Power 14

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