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Nature takes Control

Over the years there has been a proliferation of 'flat earthers';  my name for those morons who are anti-vax and don't believe anything sensible,...

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Adultery Addendum – 4

To get a woman like Poison Candy to dump your husband is to simply make her believe he is garbage.If Candy thinks the wife...

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Trade Off – 6

In early days he and Marie would go to a little cafe up the road and meet with friends.That ended after she had an...

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Adultery Addendum – 3

Al's wife had separated  from him years ago.However, Al, knowing how gals like Candy go after married men, kept it quiet.   He pretended...

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In Laws – 2

Candy's situation has become the new normal.  This is where one family 'absorbs' the new member to the extent that their family is sidelined....

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Nature takes Control

Adultery Addendum – 4

Trade Off – 6

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