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Waste Time – Conclusion

There is a difference between one who asks for help or advice and one who is simply there to waste your time.If you ask...

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Living With a Brat – 25

Brad and I  arrived at Daniel's flat the next day after lunch.  Gabi was her sour self, Daniel was a sad Teddy Bear and...

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Give it Time – 70

Mike reflected on his first months at the Law Firm.   He had been virtually commanded to arrive early to leave long after quitting...

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Why You Need To Meet The Family – 2

Too often one falls in love with an image.   This is common.   People are in that age range, they want a partner.  They make...

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Running Away – Jayne – 5

'Carol Elder' applied for positions in distant cities.    When she succeeded, she lied about where she was going.  This was just in case,...

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Waste Time – Conclusion

Living With a Brat – 25

Give it Time – 70

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