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Can't Do Better- 17

When a person is in their late thirties or older, and never married, a flag should go up.  The question is Why?There are people,...

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Three Sides Sherry – 3 (2)

Karrie and I had been best friends from the day we met in High School.We knew our looks and clever personalities would capture all...

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Oliver's Odyssey – 37

Oliver made no attempt to get Wendy citizenship, although he did register his sons at the Embassy.Wendy spoke to him about it.  Annoyed by...

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Cyber Tips – Check the Site

A friend of mine posts items from various satirical sites, for example, babylonbee on Facebook.Then we crack up reading the comments of people who...

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Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part III Chap. 6 (21)

As Winston sat at the Chestnut Tree a memory floated into his mind. He saw a candle-lit room with a vast white-counter panelled bed.  He...

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