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Messing Up – 3

HURDLESSimilar to MY WAY are hurdles.   Putting hurdles before every decision, action, so that it isn't What is done or said, it is...

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Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 17

With Jade, it wasn't just that she had all those cats or was a hoarder.   It was her incredible dishonesty. Her attempt to...

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Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part II Chap. 8 (2)

As O'Brien questions Winston and Julia he asks if they are prepared to commit murder, and they agree.He asks;  "'To commit acts of sabotage...

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Wash Belly – 51

Where Nick, learning the contents of his Mother's Will, had immediately fought his sister, Lucy, for his share of House 2 and won,  Keith...

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Special Ops Wife – 27

Olive and her husband had gone to a lakeside motel for a week.  They had left  early in the morning, reached the venue, booked...

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