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Thank you Virily!

Thank you to Virily for correcting the Poll issue many of us have experienced. Not sure who, what or where was done, but the problem seems to be corrected. And for that, I thank you.

Eeyore and his friends also send a special thank you to the Virily staff for all that you do! When things run smoothly on the site, we are all happy.

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Written by Carol DM


    • When you create a Poll, there are many issues. The latest was the answer section would not work correctly. That part is fixed now. But the other part, when you are creating the poll is still not working properly. Half is better than none. πŸ˜‰

    • There are so many improvements that need to happen. I cannot believe your dashboard issue has not been resolved. We should get daily updates, but only once a month.

      I am sorry for your issues Maggie. Good to see you. Hope things are well in your world.

      • Thank you Carol. Yes, my Dashboard hasn’t updated since the end of April (and before that, the last time it updated was November last year!!) If it even got updated once a month, I would be happy with that! Being months behind is not acceptable at all, and I don’t know why it should be so difficult for them to fix. I am pretty stressed out at present, but thank you for asking! Hope all is well with you.

          • Yes. They replied and updated my April balance, eventually, after I had sent them numerous emails about it. So I thought that would mean my earnings would be kept up to date after that, but I am still about a month and a half behind. Not good enough.

      • There are a number of quirks and kinks yet to be worked out. Back when we all first joined it felt like one step forward, one step back for the longest time. Now it feels like two steps forward, then a 1/2 step back.

        So things are better and more stable. just not I guess where they could be.

      • I had a problem with quizzes and I was never able to get the right answers and it would all go wrong after I tried to post it. I found out I had to do a draft and go over it again and again and even then it did not come right

  1. I haven’t been active on virily recently, but it’s good to know the team has been working hard on the site and issues have been solved. I like your Eeyore’s picture. It’s so nice to share the umbrella and have fun/struggle together with friends. πŸ™‚

    • Well let’s hope it continues. Part of the poll is not working, but half of it is for now. Good to see you. Thank you, I love Eeyore. This is a plaque I have on a shelf.

  2. The problem has been going on for sometime now. And there is still an issue when you create the poll. But for now, the answer part of the poll is fixed.

  3. Even though i’m still new here and trying to adapt, understand and become a full participant, contributor and impacting lives as i have been impacted since a join Virily, i truly salute the members of this site and they effort they have put in!

    • Yes you are right. There are still issues when creating a poll, but the answer section of the poll seems to be working. Guess we can’t have it all fixed at one time. πŸ˜‰