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A lot of people are worried that the views on the site are constantly going down. However, some users prefer to engage with view-for-view or comment-for-comment approach. In my opinion, this is not the best strategy, because the more people you reach out to, the bigger the chance they will come back to you, and the more views the site gets overall. Most of us are very busy, but the majority of the posts are not that long, so it only takes a few minutes to read a couple of additional posts each day. 

Here are 5 actions you can take now. They may not have a huge impact immediately but could be a good step in the right direction.

  1. For each view or comment you get from a user, read 3 of their posts. If you have already read all their recent posts, then
  2. Find 3 old posts of this user, or 3 posts of users who have not previously interacted with you.
  3. Once you are done with your routine and you are ready to leave the site, spend a few more minutes to read 5 additional posts from the Latest or any category that interests you.
  4. Share 3 additional posts on social media – yours or by other users.
  5. Feature 3 other people’s posts in your article. 

These numbers are just an example, you can always do as many as you have time for. My point is that with just a little effort we could achieve some improvement. I am sure that most of us already do many of these things, but even a few extra posts a day could help. What do you think? Would these actions be helpful?

Here are a few posts from the challenge My Happy List I’d like to share. Please, if you have the time, check at least 3 of them. I am sure they will make your day a little happier.

Carol’s beautiful cats Brendel and The Dude make me happy too every time I see them;

Arranging the space around you in a way that corresponds to your inner world sparks happiness, by Haraka and Mystic Brenda Marie;

An act of apppreciation brings joy, by Vidocka;

Enjoying the memories, by RasmaSandra and Docandersen;

The choice to be happy because of life itself, by Dawn and Fortune;

The excitement of trying new tastes, by Alibb;

The happiness of creating, by Pamela;

And two wonderful and inspiring lists, by Kim and Milica.


  • Question /

    Are you worried that the views on the site are down?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not sure
  • Question /

    Do you think these 5 ideas could be helpful?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not sure
  • Question /

    Which one would you try?

    • Reading more posts
    • Sharing more posts on social media
    • Sharing links to other users’ articles in my posts
    • Other (tell me in the comments)


What do you think?

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Written by ellie925

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  1. Your ideas are great. I’ve tried it before but unfortunately it didn’t work. This only works for the friends we’ve been with since the beginning, including you. I certainly cannot get new visitors even though I look at their post every day.

  2. I am not participating in this strange behavior: the view for view, comment for comment. I read a lot here and do not look if the author viewed my post or not. I comment not so much but I view a lot both old and new posts even if I do not get any virils for that after reaching the limit. Everyone should do their very best, not count their views and comments.

        • I actually didn’t see at first it was about the challenge but I meant I usually share all the ones I consider friends here depending on my interaction with them, not just their visits or something else but I certainly don’t ask you to add me there…

          • I understand that but I specifically explained why these people are included in this particular post. It’s not a list of friends, and these people alone are 12 users. I doubt that anyone will open all the links, let alone if I listed 30 people, for example. Don’t worry, I will keep linking other users’ posts in the future, this is just the beginning. Sorry if you felt hurt in any way because that was not my intent!

          • No I’m not hurt, ok maybe a little because I’m looking at things differently and trying to give my best to everyone… I understand why you put only them but like I said, for me those are two separate “themes”, so if you are asking people to view more maybe who participated in the challenge should be thanked in a different post, because now it looks your ask to view more is subjectively composed………

          • I need to start from somewhere, it’s difficult to link everyone in just one post, so I try to do it based on categories. It may be subjective, as everything people do is, but those are people who joined my idea and dedicated some of their time to create posts related to it, so it seems logical to me to start with them. I value every view and comment I get, do not doubt that.

          • I didn’t mean links but names. I certainly wouldn’t like to ask anything from you nor anyone else, nor do want things that way, just noticing………
            I understand, I just thought it would be more fair if posted as a separate post while leaving all users to decide themselves who to visit when asked to view more – meaning not even mentioning names…… Not everything should nor is subjective, some people tend to be objective and fair.

          • To a friend I usually say: ok, but I think or experience things differently, for example, or give a genuine answer, “thanking” this way is not a thank at all.

          • I honestly don’t understand your last reaction, as I genuinely thank you for expressing your point of view, however I don’t have to agree with it. People can have different opinions and still be friends.

          • I didn’t ask you to agree with me, I don’t know how to explain what I “asked”……… It just looked like a dishonest thank, but if you say it’s not ok…

  3. I have tried many things but nothing helps so I also do not bother …. I return comments to those who comment on me … I also don’t know more posts if it helps … I checked with those who give more posts … one or two have commented on the rest but nothing more or less … the damage of the post if no one looks at it … I post every other day one post and I think that’s quite enough for me … maybe another weekend … with new members are nothing like this …. old ones are leaving … unfortunately i don’t know why this is so

  4. Views being down is really bad. Views down mean ultimately the value of a Viril will go down again.

    There are many factors to this issue your five calls to action are a great start.

    We have to be careful, I think there needs to be a balance of virily views and external views going forward.

      • Paid views may be the same, but the lack of external views results in the value of the viril going down. Which means getting less money for the same amount of virils. I am personally not worried, as I don’t have high hopes anyway.

        • I wanted to leave the site so don’t quite care anymore but generally didn’t have much problems with views… I didn’t know there is a difference between those 2 kinds of views, I think all views benefit the value………..!

          • Because without external views, the current views are just a fraction of the views we had with external views. I have no idea whether external and internal views have a different value, that’s a good question. Considering users get some reward for viewing others’ posts, but guests don’t get paid for using the site, it’s a good thing to have more guest views in general.

          • Yes, but I thought you said that because you meant users’ views earn less and have a lower value….. External views could add to the value but if users view more which I thought was the situation here it would be almost the same. I am not even paying attention to That number of views but only to paid views – I don’t lack those was what I meant. And when it comes to the value I really don’t know what makes this site popular or not and I don’t quite care because if admins don’t care (to all the things we were paying their attention to) why should I………

          • It is also interesting they probably paid for the new design and didn’t work on the things that should be worked on so I don’t care about this site anymore, almost at all

          • Views are important for the site, because advertisers pay for their ads to be seen and clicked on. Limits are cut because the site doesn’t make enough money to pay the users. Technically, there is no view limit as people can see as many posts as they want, they just don’t get rewarded for it.

          • I know that, but when I asked the admin 3 years ago why the value got lower he said it’s because of the things they can’t have an impact on… No one guarantees people will click on ads not matter of the views…
            I know why limits are cut but with smaller limits less views right……… No one of the users will look at so many posts if not paid…

          • I guess you are right. Most of us spend a lot time on the internet reading and watching videos without any reward apart from having a good time, it’s a pity that it does not work this way here.

          • There is much more quality content online to watch and spend time on, not to mention private obligations and interests, and not to mention the toxic community………

  5. Ellie I am not much of a social media person so I will read and comment on as many posts as I can. I have been away from the site because of two deaths in the family over the last two weeks. I will do my best here now that I am here full time.

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