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Iceland – the land of mysteries and wonders: a quiz (part 1)

As you probably know, Iceland came onto the tourist radars because of great success in world football. Then this beautiful country was actively visited...

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Nordic marathon of the best comments from my Virily friends

Let me sum up some results of 2019 and express my great gratitude to the Virily community +  especially mention my super Virily friends...

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Full-scale Scandinavian environmental friendliness

The inhabitants of the Nordic countries love and cherish their nature and themselves together with it. Let's see how and in what it is...

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Half a hundred shades of Scandinavian: a quiz (part 5)

This is the final part of quiz, which is a kind of review of various interesting facts related to the Nordic countries (also see...

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Some curiosities of The National Museum of Denmark

The National Museum of Denmark/Nationalmuseet can be considered as a kind of meeting place of the Viking Age, later periods and modernity. Incredibly interesting...

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