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My Happy List – Summer Memories

@CarolDM always makes me smile with her butterfly photos. The last one helped me with this happy list. |It is about all the things my late husband and I enjoyed in the summertime. Here is a photo of a lovely butterfly that came to make friends and is sitting in his hand. The top photo is of the borage or star flower we had growing in our garden.

We always enjoyed taking photos of our cat Sid who spent many hours on the garden fence. Here he is saying “You again? Stop with the photos”

We loved to  take photos of clouds drifting by and always discussed what we thought we were seeing in the clouds.

|And one summer we discovered that we had a lovely sunflower growing in our garden.

These photos make up a short happy list of my summer memories of which there are more and they make me smile. |I leave you with a happy song.


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