My Happy List- My Book Shelve

This is the book shelve that is in my office.  I see it every day.  All day long.  It makes me happy because it holds many books.  I love real books.  Something you can hold in your hands and read.  Not that I don’t do a lot of reading online.  I just prefer real books there is nothing like them.

Not only does my book shelve hold many of my books.  It holds all that I am.  On my shelve you will see my crystal collection, my Native American collection, and a small collection of wrestling action figures.  I have the Four Horsemen with Barry Windhand and the Road Warriors, all must haves for me.  My book shelve shows the many sides of me.  That is why it had to be on my happy list.

What is on your happy list?


What do you think?


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