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More on earning Virils here on Virily!

In a recent communication from the Admin team, I can tell you that they will not tolerate people using profane or foul language. Based on conversations with Alex, I can also tell you that they don’t allow some images on the site either. A couple of rules that are real and the admins enforce on our Site. Both of those said there are some rules that I have heard people have that aren’t site rules. But just be aware that some of the authors follow these rules, others don’t.

1. Reading and commenting is required for me to read your posts. (my rule is if I like your stuff I read it, I don’t expect you to read my psots also it makes me feel better but I don’t worry about it)

2. Leaving a positive comment is always welcomed

3. If you downvote my post, I will downvote two of yours.

So these two rules aren’t used by all authors, but many people do use them.  Upvoting is nice to do, but upvoting doesn’t change anything. You do not get more Virils other than the fact that to upvote your post hopefully the person read it. The issue with downvoting is an interesting problem. I would hope that our community is strong enough to understand that it is ok not to like the content. If an author posts something you don’t like, it is ok to downvote that content. I would love to see everyone work towards that goal and not retaliate. I have had 9, maybe ten downvotes in the past year. I do truly understand that it is ok. Does it cause you a little concern, yes? Did I get to the author’s pages that downvoted my posts and downvoted theirs, no? I know one of the authors that downvoted my posts, was from back in the time when I still downvoted posts. Because of that person’s reactions (they downvoted three of my posts) I stopped using the downvote button.

Let’s be clear upvoting or downvoting a post doesn’t change anything as far as the Virils that post earns.

The last thing for today goes back to the column posted yesterday talking about how to increase your Virils. Today it is all about Social Media sharing.

1. We no longer get a viril for the first social share. We used to (1 viril per share) we do not.

2. We also no longer get credit for generating guest views (again we did, but no longer)

3. The three options we have are Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Personal, IMHO (in my humble opinion) I get the most traction (views) from Twitter. That said, I know other authors that like Pinterest and Facebook for sharing. The poll questions are focused on where do you share!

  • Do you share posts on Facebook?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you share posts on Mix?

    • Yes
    • No
  • do you share posts on MeWe?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you share posts on Twitter?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you share posts on Pinterest?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you share posts on Tumblr?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you share posts on Reddit?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you share posts on Quora?

    • Yes
    • No
  • if I missed a place will you share it in the comments?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. I don’t share my posts on any other site. I did share a few on Facebook, but not many like them so I quit doing that. I am only on facebook, pinterest, and here. Not active on Pinterest in years.
    I do not like the downvote button. If I dislike a post I wont hit the like button, and move on.

  2. I tested one of my posts and got a lot more views. I’m not sure that I get Virils for those views. Very quietly it has 141 views in 15 days which is above what happens for me normally. (And I picked one that might sleep otherwise.)
    I’m uncomfortable recommending sites. I don’t use many anyway but I usually won’t encourage others to follow my possible mistakes.
    Do we get any Virils for outside views? ((I would like to add that I am OK with not getting them because other platforms I’ve been on were very effectively victimized through allowing this.))

    • Back when you were first on Virily we did get views for “guests”. We do not any longer, they killed that about 15 months ago. The admins (I actually pushed with about 10 emails) answered my last email explaining that counting guest views from shares, was causing a massive site performance issues.

      So no, we do not get paid for guest views. Except, we do get paid.

      The economics of Virily is that they (the administration team) keep the site running based on Ad Revenue. While we get paid on Virily Member views. the site overall gets paid on total views.

      Effectively when sharing, you are keeping the site up and running.

      • I can understand that and accept it. It is not that hard to accept that it is for the good or even the survival of Virily. – People should try to click on ads once in a while – stay for a while – go a level deep or so. That helps. It’s a cold algebraic world of clicks, and bots, and views, and spiders oh my. … When I came back the site was faster and performed better. A significant change actually. There are a bit more ads (from the ads I surmised that the site must be healthier) —

  3. Back when we got virils for visits from other sites I used to share my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (which no longer exists) and occasionally Pinterest. I have terminated my Pinterest account since they started banning pro-life posts.

    Since we no longer get any reward for views from Facebook or Twitter, and, as usual, we were not notified of it, I no longer post my stuff there. Why should I spend my time making money for Virily? I’d rather use it to increase my earnings.

  4. I share my posts on the main ones I use, facebook, twitter or pinterest…
    However, I try my best to say anything that uplifts people if I can…
    I don’t mind constructive criticism.
    I did not know some of the sites you mention…

  5. Good to get this all out in the open for all, including the new members to read. Asking questions is always good n an platform. We don’t always get answers but we keep trying to get solutions and workarounds.

  6. I used to share my and others posts as I knew people earn from guests visits. I do not share any post anymore. I do not see sense. After they stopped paying us for visits, I even do not care much about content that could attract visitors from outside. I just write for my pleasure, that’s all.
    Now about downvotes. I do not know what the person should write to downvote his post. Expect it would be a post full of hate or similar, And even in such case, I would leave a comment but would not downvote. I have never downvoted any post; a few times when computer stuck, I did it accidentally, but always tried to correct it if noticed. So, I am sorry is anyone got downvote from me. If such happened, it was done accidentally. I am here not to downvote others works, as anyone still put efforts and time to write their posts. And you wrote that it is OK to downvote posts but you follow the rule to return twice downvotes. So if it is OK, why you return it twice? No logic to me.
    I rarely write comments as I have very little time for Virily. But I read what attracts my eyes, and enjoy it a lot. I have got much new knowledge here. Thanks for that.

    • Thank you- you still get credit if a virily user or a user with a virily account, reads your social post and then the post.

      But you are right there is less value for doing that. It does help other writers, and it does keep Virily in the socialverse.

      I agree on downvoting!!!

  7. A question – if you don’t get credit for guest views, is there any point in sharing posts on Twitter or anywhere else?

    On the subject of downvoting, I only do this when I see a post that really breaks the rules – such as a one-off post that is only there to advertise a product or website. By the way, is there any way to report posts of this nature?

  8. It might be time for the down vote to simply disappear. I was an advocate for the button because I thought that ranking posts are fun to do. However, no one seems to do that and enjoy it any longer. So I would be fine if they just left the upvote and if something is exceptionally great use it.

    Someone asked me why share at all. We need an audience! We need to bring new people here to view to keep a site alive. So while I don’t get the viril right away when I share, I ‘d like to think I am helping to keep the site going have a place to be part of a community.

    It certainly can be a bumpy road and we all know I have learned a lot the hard way. (My Mom did say I have always been stubborn.) Still, I am pleased because I am learning and making positive changes and I believe many other are doing the same.

    Wow, sorry Doc! Apparently I had a lot to say. Thanks for being such a creative and great leader in this community.

  9. Carol Taylor is in MeWe in case you want to connect. Haven’t explored that option because maintaining several platforms requires time which I do not have.

    It is okay to downvote BUT, as sign of courtesy, the person who downvoted any post should at least explain why. Feedback system to help the writer improve on his or her craft. On the other hand, if we are too lazy to explain ourselves, then just ignore and scroll down 😉😜

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