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Male Cardinal on Deck

Over the winter I put out sunflower seeds for the birds. The ground feeders often have a hard time finding food in the winter. Feeding them also gives you a better chance of them returning in the spring to raise their families.

That is precisely what happened in my yard this year. The problem I had was the robins and others ran off the bluebirds. 

So now, with summer ending soon, I have to decide if I will feed the birds. Maybe miss out on seeing the bluebirds again. Have not made up my mind yet.

Photo ©CarolDM2018 taken through my patio doors of my deck.

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Written by Carol DM


  1. Until now, I kept them … but now I don’t know if I will yet … sparrows eat them all and leave no one besides … they are very greedy and many

  2. what a nice looking cardinal. Here in Florida of course, it doesn’t matter because birds and squirrels and such can be fed all year round. However, what I liked was that in Latvia where everything was ice and snow in the winter people would hang bits of salted bacon on hooks and hang them outside their windows and the birds that stayed all year would come to peck at it. The salted bacon did not freeze.

  3. I think you could feed them from your porch or close to your house
    However, you need to consider how busy you are, most years I try to feed birds over winter but have been so busy and with some dramas, I could not do it this year.