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Butterflies. These are probably the last butterflies I saw this year. They no longer have that shine they have in the summer. And there are no longer...

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Samuel's Fortress, Ohrid

Samuel's Fortress, Ohrid, Republic of North Macedonia.  It is part of a medieval fortress that surrounded the capital of the First Bulgarian Kingdom of Ohrid,...

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Coal tit

Coal tit (Periparus ater)  It is much smaller.  It is long with the tail up to 11 cm. and weighs 10 grams.  It inhabits mostly coniferous forests of...

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Crataegus monogyna

Common hawthorn /Crataegus monogyna/. It is common among shrubs and forests. It is 5 - 14 meters high and is found in Europe, North Africa and...

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Mushroom on tree

Mushroom on tree.  After the autumn rains, I went out to the park to look for mushrooms.  Not to eat them! I don't know them and...

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Samuel's Fortress, Ohrid

Coal tit

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