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The Northern Cardinal ~ Did You Know?

Found a nest of any cardinals in my yard today. My day was made to see this miracle of nature.

My Dad always called them “Red Birds”. We often talked about the cardinals. He loved them dearly. 

I cannot help but think of him as I see these three babies in the yard. I think he might be looking down.

Many interesting facts to share about this beautiful bird……

The following are the dates when the bird became the official bird of each US state:

  • Illinois – Selected in 1928, but made official in 1929
  • Indiana – Selected in 1933
  • Kentucky – Selected in 1926, but made official in 1942
  • North Carolina – Selected in 1943
  • Ohio – Selected in 1933
  • Virginia – Selected in 1950
  • West Virginia – Selected in 1949

Cardinals are so territorial that they have often been seen fighting their own reflection, say in a car’s shiny bumper or a very clean window. They can fight for hours, too. 

Several sports organizations have chosen the cardinal as their mascot.

The red bird in the game Angry Birds is a cardinal.

Cardinals are also recognized by the following three names: Northern Cardinal, redbirds, and Virginia nightingales. 

It was once believed that both male and female songbirds don’t sing; however, the cardinals are in the seventy percent of songbirds where both the male and female are capable of singing.

This means that thirty percent of songbirds have only one singer, the male. 

Yellow cardinals have a genetic mutation, which is why they are so rare. 

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Written by Carol DM


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