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Show Me My Money

We all love to make money especially when we work for it. There is a sense of satisfaction when you put in the hours...

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So Koi ~ Themes by the Month November~ Wet

Koi fish are in high demand for ponds and water features around the world. These large and brightly colored fish are decorative but have...

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Hanging out

It was nice to see this cat hanging out with a statue at the resort I visited in Mexico. At first glance one may...

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Friendly Flamingos

I visited a nature park in Nassau Bahamas where I got to meet these beautiful and friendly flamingos. I have always loved flamingos and used...

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Crimson Queen Japanese Maple

I saw this beautiful tree on a visit to the Queen Elizabeth park in Vancouver, BC. This tree is called Acer Palmatum or Crimson Queen...

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Show Me My Money

So Koi ~ Themes by the Month November~ Wet

Hanging out

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