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3 Things We Forget To Clean

Everyone likes their home to be nice and clean. We vacuum, sweep, wash and wipe every corner regularly, but there are a few places we may forget to clean, or we don’t clean often enough.


Chances are that between entering our home and reaching the sink, we have touched at least two doorknobs. Do you see where I am going? The same applies to handles and switches too, as we touch them all the time.

Window screens

The air is full of pollution, dust, viruses and whatnot, that’s why we should clean the window screens regularly. If you have the chance to remove them and wash them, that’s great, otherwise, you can wipe them until they are clean. You might be surprised how much dirt is in the screens even if you clean them regularly.


We use our phone outside, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in bed. It needs to be cleaned regularly; we should also wash our hands before or after using it. I, personally, use wet wipes that are specifically made to clean electronics, but you can try other methods too.


If you have any cleaning tips, please, share them in the comments. What would you add to this list?

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  1. You made a useful list for us to think about. Also, another great one to add to this list is to clean under the frigerator. I was cleaning my kitchen floor yesterday when I saw some cat food pieces that had gotten stuck under it.

  2. Yes, I admit that I rarely clean these. I haven’t even spend enough time to clean the other areas of my home yet. 😛

    I always like to read articles about organizing and cleaning. These are useful to me! Thanks for sharing and reminding.

  3. I find it hilarious that people are still wound around the germs carried by their hands.

    1. your cell phone – clean that sucker at least once a week!
    2. sponges in the bathroom! get rid of them every single day!

    99% of disease is spread not by the human hand. But by the air you breathe!

    • It is true, I personally make sure to take care of my face, nose and mouth as well, but unfortunately, we can’t clean the air so easily. If our hands, face and phone are exposed to the same air, and we clean our hands and face but not the phone, then once we touch it or put it on our face, it’s almst like we haven’t cleaned anything. So it makes sense to take care of the things we are able to change. 🙂

        • It seems that they still do. However, masks need to be changed frecuently, otherwise its even worse.
          Here in Bulgaria people look at you as if you are an alien if you wear a mask, and older people may even confront you or make fun of you because of it.

          • yes the masks were thrown away at least twice a day back then,. I don’t know what the answer is.

            it is truly sad.

            those that wash their hands still get sick.
            those that wear masks can get other types of illness.

        • Unfortunately, that’s true. We can’t prevent everything, but I still believe it’s better to know that you have done what you were able to.

          As for the mask, if literally everyone wears them, I guess that’s good. Otherwise, if you are healthy and wear a mask just in case, viruses and other stuff stick too the moisture of the mask and you carry them by your mouth all day. That’s why it’s better those who are already sick to wear the masks.

  4. This is a great reminder Ellie925. I hate cleaning window screens because of the grime in there. I just did the ones in My son’s room yesterday. Since I have brass doorknobs and handles I clean them often and the swtich boards.

  5. Okay, I have to share my first thought when I read the title. I will probably regret sharing it, but it made me laugh so perhaps someone else will laugh as well.

    “Really, only 3?”

    • That’s true, I started with 10 in mind, but decided to post at least 3 that I find very important. This can be a series of posts with practical tips about how to clean them properly.