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Today I had a conversation with a very interesting person. We were so involved in the conversation that the work was left unfinished. But when I came home after talking to her, inspired by her daily recipes for happiness, I wrote a list of to-do in my mind that I want to share:

Celebrate your victories – be your biggest fan.If you are tired, go to sleep.Fall asleep and wake up with hope.Release yourself from mistakes – they are not you.Learn something new daily.Hide your phone for at least an hour a day.Do something that gives you joy.Choose to smile.Catch negative thoughts and don’t let them acquire pace.Drink tea/coffee in silence.Tell your loved ones that they are dear to you.Call your parents and grandparents.See fears as a challenge, not a brake.Say a compliment to every corner of your body.Hug yourself.If you are angry – scream laudly, run or curse – don’t get shrunk into the ball, don’t diminish your negative emotions – they are worthy of being noticed and survived.Rejoice in the success of others. Choose admiration rather than jealousy.And most importantly, talk to people, listen to them, listen,  get to know them – each of them is a book.

What helps you bring a smile to your face and gives easiness to your steps?

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