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2 in 1 Cinderella ~ Creative Challenge

It's a topsy turvy doll. I find this kind of doll quite fun to play, hence I made one for my daughter on her...

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My birthday cake ~ Creative Challenge

It was my birthday yesterday. My husband decided to bake a cake instead of buy it this year. It's a burnt cheesecake. As he couldn't...

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A gift for her day: Felt Cake ~ Creative Challenge

It was my husband's birthday a few days ago, and my daughter had been preparing gifts for her dad since a few days before...

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The kitten was dead…

The mommy cat just gave birth to 4 kittens slightly less than a month ago. The kids are happily taking care of and playing...

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Crocheted water bottle holder ~ Creative Challenge

My daughter has been asking me to make a water bottle holder for her, so she can carry the water bottle to the park...

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