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Watching Children

W is for watching and wishing for good behaviors A is for active listening, T is for talkative children, sometimes too much and too many C is...

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McGuffeys Readers

These are reading books that were used in the 1800's and till the mid 1900's or the 1950's.  I have a complete set of...

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Little House on the Praire (the real books)

I have read this series of books several times over the years and I am also reading the many prequels and sequels as well....

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Super Bowl Day

I like American Football, but I do have my favorite teams. They are The Pittsburgh Steelers, Philiadelphia Eagles and the Cincinnati Bengals.  Whomever gets...

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Valentine's Day

Even though this holiday? is still a few weeks away I just thought a short word play poem about the love and relationship day...

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Watching Children

McGuffeys Readers

Little House on the Praire (the real books)

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