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3 More Things We Forget The Clean

Check out part 1 first to see which 3 things I mentioned last time. Here are three more things not to miss next time when you are cleaning the house.

Behind the toilet

Most people clean inside the toilet bowl and bathroom floor regularly, but sometimes we forget to thoroughly clean behind the toilet and the surrounding walls. Sometimes splashing happens and you definitely don’t want to miss cleaning these spots.

Fans and radiators

Since these devices produce air circulation, you don’t want dust and dirt flying around. Opening and cleaning them is a tricky job, so if you are not sure how to do it, you can still vacuum clean them or wipe them regularly.

Keyboard and mouse

Just like our phones, we touch our computer keyboards and mouses all the time. However, how often do we clean them? You can use tech wipes or another method you prefer, but you preferably clean those when the device is turned off, and give it enough time for any liquid to evaporate.


Also, don’t forget to remove the dust on and inside your computer, TV and so on. Some studies connect the flame retardants in electronics that get attached to the dust on the surface of these products, to cancer and other diseases.

For me personally, dust is quite annoying to clean. Sometimes, I have a feeling that even 5 minutes after I have taken care of it, it’s back again. Do you feel the same way? Do you have any cleaning tips you’d like to share?


PS: Happy Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating today! 

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  • Which one do you most often neglect cleaning?

    • Behind the toilet
    • Fans and radiators
    • Keyboard and mouse
    • More than one
    • None of them


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  1. I try to do aa much as I can but being alone and interested in working online I tend to neglect things because who will see it anyway? However, I will try to do better. I figure if I put aside one day a week that will be plenty to clean up since I have a very little apartment


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