Use time wisely until you have it

I wanted to write that get out of life still you are young, but I know a lot of bold older people and quite inflexible youngsters. Let’s look at what our day consists of? It’s full of running to here or there…

We are killing our time. Wherever we come, we pull out the clock first. If we arrived a few minutes earlier, we had a mobile phone on the track – we had five minutes to kill.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my cell phone and am quite addicted to it, but it’s been a good year as I have been limiting time for social networking. I consciously grab myself by the hand that reaches for the phone.

And then I start exploring the environment: observing people, creating their stories, pondering where they are in a hurry, what they like. I talk to the waiter, praise the lady or the gentleman standing next to me at the bar, and smile at the stranger I meet. But I’m not killing time. I don’t think I have it a lot, I don’t.

And in a matter of minutes, a lot can be done: overcoming fears, getting the job done, calling your mom, saying you love. In those few minutes, you can go out to the street, breathing in the fresh air. It is possible to meditate and do nothing – to enjoy the fact that you are breathing and to plan your next day.

The key is not to kill time, but to fill it with life, joy, discovery, plans. The main thing is not to waste time for swiping and scrolling, but to gather it in a pile, give it a body.

The world would be much better if we chose alive rather than dead time, if we spend time with love and song in hearts, with great enthusiasm, and savoring the breaths of life like the cold water in summer.

 Let’s use time wisely until we have it.

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