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Your Phone Rings At your Dinner Table, What Do You Do?

This phone etiquette rule may seem obvious because, hello, it’s rude, but being courteous in public to both your dining partners and others is important, Parenting, etiquette, and financial expert Brett Graff says, “If it rings, and you must answer it, explain to your dining companions that your child is home by him or herself or that you’re waiting for a huge business deal to close. Otherwise, ignore it.

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  1. Can I offer a slightly different opinion?

    I grew up in the age of phones before there were answering machines. If the phone rang you had to answer it.

    So when I hear the phone ring, my natural inclination is answer it regardless.

  2. At my home I don’t bring the phone to the dinner table. If I am out around others for dinner it would be on vibrate. I would excuse myself from the table though if I think taking the call is necessary.

  3. I totally agree that if you’re dining out and the phone rings you should answer it because your friends and family would know you are eating out and it could be there is something important to say or something that happened you should know about. Eating at home you can turn the phone off for some peace.

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