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Monarchs are The King of Butterflies!

A rare sighting in my backyard just now! Monarch Butterflies are actually referred to as The King of Butterflies. I was lucky enough to capture one just now in my backyard. He was fluttering around on my backyard butterfly bush. I was so surprised I just sat down until the timing was right and I did not want to scare him away. This is the first shot I got.

I actually snapped many shots just in case as you never know which ones will turn out. Did you know these beauties only live a few weeks. How sad. Another reason to capture them when I see them. If you are ever lucky enough you may even spot them at the caterpillar stage. They are easy to identify. The caterpillars have many yellow, black and white bands. There are antenna-like tentacles at each end of the caterpillar’s body.

These photos look the same but they are different, I took about 60 altogether at one time! Now I will sit back and wait for another special visit. By the way, these flowers are in Dustin’s memorial garden. So many special moments happen in this spot. Thank you to my son.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. Here we are graced with a breeding grounds. The milkweed that they so desperately need, thrives. Often there will be dozens in lilacs, or sweet peas. “The Viceroy” is no King but, a mimic. Monarchs are poisonous, every bug eater knows this, and is why our sly, copycat Viceroy is not LUNCH! Grin. Great shots and an ever X/ subject….wait, can royalty be a subject?

    • Thank you Albert. Immortalize is an excellent description. They are very special to me. And since they only live a few weeks, I am always honored by their visit.