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Are You Published On Amazon?

The Amazon's KDP is very easy for one to get published. One can write eBooks or paperbacks on KDP. You can view my profile...

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Is One Gender Superior To The Other?

I saw one very beautiful lady on the net today. She was so charming that I was shocked to hear she was born a...

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Have You Ever Held A Termite Queen In Your Hands?

Very interesting animals are termites and ants. These animals do value their Queen so much that they keep her comfortable in many ways. Her...

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Is tsu online to stay?

Tsu was online but unfortunately, it went under. Now it is back in full swing. For those who never knew tsu here is what...

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Do You No Serey?

This is not a person but a site. It is a blockchain using decentralized technology. Their coin is called Serey.This is a new site...

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