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Which One Of The Two?

Animated cartoons used to be great fun for children till it was kidnapped by adults. It was then that adult animated cartoons came into...

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Simple Quiz

Just general easy questions. It is good to be encouraged to do quizzes. If they are hard they are not done. Enjoy doing this...

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The village girl turned a Motorbike Mechanic

Purity is a self proclaimed motorcycle mechanic. She never went to any college to learn this skill but she does it perfectly. Since motorcycle transport...

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Join Me In Thanking Carol DM

She is Carol DM. She is currently holding the highest rank on the leaderboard. Why do I thank Carol DM? Carol is selfless. She is not...

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Learn With Meshack 2

Juma is the kiswahili word for week. Most of the names of days of the week start with Juma. The first day of the...

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