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Love Patience Compassion Purity

A collection of digitally edited photographs. All were created from one photograph of a small jewelry box with a lotus flower on top. This...

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Attractive Dill Blossom

Dill is a wonderful culinary herb that many use in the kitchen. It does not get as much attention for the attractive blossoms it...

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Whisper In The Dark

This is a digitally enhanced photograph of a carnation flower. This artwork was created for my Black and White gallery on my website Which...

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Pastel colors are very soothing and calming. This image was created from a photograph of a daffodil bud. It has been digitally altered and enhanced.

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Take Five

Professional therapists recommend that, before reacting to stressful situations, we take a deep breath and count to five. "Take Five" is a digitally altered and...

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Love Patience Compassion Purity

Attractive Dill Blossom

Whisper In The Dark

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