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Song Saturday ~ Video Game Music

I can usually tell when one of my daughters is doing house cleaning by the sound of music I hear.  When I come downstairs...

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The Twelve Apostles in Australia

I simply must share these photographs.  I found them at a website that provides free images and they request that you mention the photographer's...

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Health Concerns – Then (1900 – 2010) and Now (2020)

The New England Journal of Medicine produced a chart that showed “What Killed Us, Then and Now”. Their study covered about 100 years, from...

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Let's Go to South Africa for Some Indian Food

Planning a vacation is always a major decision (sometimes a major headache). But not for me, since I am a dream traveler.  My choice...

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Irresistible Fun Food: Crispy or Crunchy Recipes

My Irresistible Fun Food posts have been lots of fun.  For a while, I had run out of ideas, but suddenly it came to...

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