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How Can We Expect Them to Understand

I haven’t had Little Miss since the second week of May, so we haven’t talked about the events involving George Floyd, shes with her...

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Patio Garden

Over the weeks I’m shelter in place we made a few trips to Lowe’s for plants.   My Mom turned the Patio into a...

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Changed Church

I love my Church don’t get me wrong, it’s a great place but when I got the list of the rules to follow when...

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Celebrating Columbia

A Little Visual tour of Old Town, the Fallon House Theaters was founded in 1857, and yes there are still shows here.  The town was...

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Changes and Memories

The last few weeks have been strange,  but necessary.  I went from being extremely active in my Church, working with the kids, being involved...

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How Can We Expect Them to Understand

Patio Garden

Changed Church

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