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Kim's Color Photo Challenge-Green

For this first day of the Green Challenge, I thought I would post, Green grass, trees, and a Green Supply Wagon. This was taken in...

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The Little Things Matter

California is on a Shelter In Place Mandate for a few days now, but thankfully we can still get together with family, so we...

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We Find Hope

We're living in a strange time, but with that I feel our eyes are becoming more opened, there is a lot of madness going...

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The Adventures of Bella Rose (Especially for Kim-Johnson)

Greetings friends, it's me Bella Rose, my human and I are doing well!  But I think at times she's the paparazzi lol! We wanted to...

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Color Crazy Challenge: Garfield

What's a color Crazy Challenge without an Orange Kitty named Garfield? He's actually my brothers cat, but Garfield doesn't always agree with that lol!  Sometimes...

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Kim's Color Photo Challenge-Green

The Little Things Matter

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