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Name The Country Making The Headlines (Part Six)

Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge of the current affairs. The statements comprising the questions in the quiz are actual headlines. You have...

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Early Reader Books: Frog and Toad Together

Frog and Toad Together (I Can Read Level 2), by Arnold Lobel is a charming collection of five short stories for early readers featuring...

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A Geography Quiz

Here's a simple geography quiz in which you have to match the description to the correct term. Have fun and don't forget to share your...

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Hidden…..What’s Hidden Anyway?

In addition to the words that are hidden in these sentences, you also have to guess the category for this puzzle. For those who might...

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Hidden Art

Here's another hidden puzzle. For those who are new to this game, hidden in these sentences are names of words related to art. The sentences...

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