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Joyce Sue Turner Dobson – My Inspiration

My mother was an amazing person.  She grew in a very small town, there was not even a stop sign! She went to s...

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Words of Wisdom

Everyone knows that I love reading. I do not have a particular favorite genre, just about everything really.  In many of the books written...

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Being the Victim of a Scammer

I am the last person to cast judgement here, but there are some things in life that can be controlled and managed comfortably. I...

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Ten Things That Make Me Really Happy (10 submissions)

There is so many things that everyone happy!  I have put together a beginning of a list that really makes me happy. Feel free...

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2017 Christmas Tree

We try to create different looks every year. This is what we came up with this year.  I love the white tree! Paul bought...

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