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"I'm patient. Time has no real meaning. Calendars are a novelty. Being a recluse in a remote forest with a global website, (read no job,...

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This weathers’ unrest is thwarting my best.

Great, garish, glowing green grins o' greetings! Yes, I know, if I appeared more frequently, I could be,...really obnoxious, grin, and would be visiting more,...

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Tough Roughy

Well, you can tell by the first verse I was noodling around with another vile bio but, Knots in Medusas' locks!, it drifted asea...

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Accidental Existence.

I was just a thought, across time and space an atomic dust dot, tossed at lights' standard pace. Cosmic gas must've wrought lime green grins and...

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Strange lives on Tethys

The desert has no monopoly on mirages. "Now, when it ends dripping, due to temperatures tipping and winds begin whipping, soon senses commence dipping. It's Winters' Wraith...

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This weathers’ unrest is thwarting my best.

Tough Roughy

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