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Need a relaxation? Try sketching! While I was searching on Pinterest, I found this interesting photo. When I look at the photo I feel something special, so I started...

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Perfect Time To Draw Something – Eagle

While i was listening music, i started to draw something and after 10 minutes this magnificent creature was on the paper. Sometimes one interesting...

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Enjoying in the stunning look on the lake..

This photo is made this summer, while I was walking in the wood where you can see the magnificent landscape. Perfect place to get...

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7 Interesting Facts About Pit Bulls Every One Should Know

Hello there! Ready to learn something new about this magnificent breed? Hm, I think today is perfect time for that. Below you can see...

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Mike Tyson is playing with his stunning pet! Can you guess what it is?

Hello to all ! Can you guess the animal that this famous boxer keeps in his home? Hm, I think you will need help...

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