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Siamese cat is a proud divine being….

A Siamese cat is a proud divine being with a graceful bearing, an unusual color and a peculiar, slightly spoiled character. The second name...

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Petunia – where does the name come from of this beautiful and popular flower?

The genus is named after the word petun - the Brazilian name of tobacco - a hint of the similarity between the two genera....

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The mountain is joy. Mountain is life…

The mountain is joy. Mountain is life. The mountain is filled with energy. Whatever I say about these divine places is still small. And...

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A flowering garden on the balcony….

I like to plant flowers, indoor and on the balcony. Urban residents, especially those who do not have a summer residence, try to create lively,...

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Legend of wonderful nature in Rila mountain in Bulgaria

The legend of the seven lakes of Rila tells that thousands of years ago, when there were no people yet, two giants - a...

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