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Red Bellied Woodpecker

Many people incorrectly identify the Red bellied for a Red headed Woodpecker.  Of course it doesn’t help that you really can’t see much of a red belly on the Red bellied Woodpecker.  

Either way I enjoy seeing these beauties at my deck feeder. This one is enjoying sunflower seeds.

The Red bellied Woodpecker is a common woodpecker that can be found on the eastern half of the United States as far south as Texas and as far north as Canada. Its habitat is woodlands, suburban backyards, and parks.

This bird is a medium size woodpecker and is from nine to ten and a half inches in length. Their wingspan is from fifteen to eighteen inches.

I see them year round in my backyard.

Photo ©CarolDM

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Written by Carol DM


  1. lol you and Alex with the pirate talk. Well this is a wonderful shot, so much DOF, so clear. Just perfect. Love the color of your backyard with this high depth of field. I would love to see your birds in a coffee table book.

  2. Similar – I should post our local woodpeckers here. I caught them a couple of times or more each.
    Oh, and here I have Stellar’s Jays (with the black heads).
    That’s a really great ID picture – like picture perfect.