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Little kitten home.

This little one was adopted by my kids finally. We didn't plan for any pet at home at first since it's time consuming and incurred...

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A broken ground sheet

I have bought a ground sheet online via Lazada for camping usage. Unfortunately, the parcel arrived with a broken goods inside which is apparently...

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Flying with Air Asia

Flying with Air Asia,the local yet international low cost airline. It's low cost strategy is quite successful yet impressive. I always look for cheap air...

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How to use the cast iron pot for the first time?

I just bought a cast iron pot which is super heavy.  I heard it's good for health because would released some iron elements into...

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Traditional breakfast in Malaysia

This is one of normal and simple breakfast the Malaysian might have. Fried Kuey Teow with a fried egg, and some chilli paste. A cup...

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Little kitten home.

A broken ground sheet

Flying with Air Asia

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