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The Downy ~ Day 164

I put out a bird feeder far away from the bluebird house close to my deck. Our weather has been a roller coaster and spring weather is slowly making an appearance. Due to this I have seen many different species of birds I normally don’t see at my backyard bird feeder. This Downy woodpecker is one of those rare sightings. He is only about six inches long. He has distinct black and white stripes with a touch of red on his head, telling me this is a male. I caught him drinking nectar from the hummingbird feeder on my deck just now. Funny, the hummingbirds are not very fond of him. So we will see who wins. I will eventually take down the bird feeder when the insects start showing up. They usually prefer insects and beetles over bird food. And I enjoy seeing hummingbirds and do not want to disturb them.


A few interesting facts about this smallest American woodpecker. They have a short lifespan. Five years is an old bird. Downy Woodpeckers are found throughout the United States with the exception of Hawaii and parts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, and Alaska. They are found year-round throughout this range, though, like many year-round resident birds, they may change the areas that they frequent, thus seeming to appear and disappear with the change of seasons. Downy woodpeckers are one of the few woodpecker species that will come to a feeder, most often for suet. This is my first time seeing one on my deck. What a treat.

365 Photos Challenge Day 164.

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