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Two Turtle Doves

Captured these doves hangng out on my deck. They are very shy and hard to photograph. I was behind my patio doors with the camera.

If you look closely you can see (to the far left) on the deck railing is a few sunflower seeds. They love seeds and they are primarily seed eaters, not insect eaters like many birds. 

Did you know that turtle dove is another name for mourning dove? I love hearing their soft sounds they make. When they lay eggs, it is almost always just two. Incubation takes just two weeks.

And these doves usually mate for life. Amazing to know that about these beautiful birds. If you ever see two doves, think about that. They have married for life.

Photo ©CarolDM 

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Written by Carol DM

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  1. These birds are lovely and really like them, whenever I see them I am worried about the presence of the cats around here
    I spray cold water on any cat watching birds, it doesn’t hurt them. Saves the birds for a brief moment


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