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Concentration Camp Auschwitz.

Robin Biznis December 8.2019 Belgrade, SerbiaTraveling from someone does not always have to be nice and pleasant to remember, you can be sure if...

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General Quiz.

Robin Biznis Decembar 4.2019, Belgrade, SerbiaHi allIn today's quiz, we have eight questions from different fields of knowledge.I answered three questions to each question.Only...

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How to clean your blood vessels naturally.

Robin Biznis December 3.2019 Belgrade, SerbiaAfter a heart attack, I searched for natural remedies that clean the arteries of fat.I found a recipe in...

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A story from the state border.

Robin Biznis December3.2012 Belgrade, SerbiaOn November 19, 2019, Serbian customs officers seized at the border crossing with Hungary, in cooperation with the police, 2,700...

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Parsley, spice and medicine.

Robin Biznis December 2.2019 Belgrade, Serbia Parsley or garden parsley (Petroselinum crispum)In the cover photo you see a Parsley billiard I planted from seed in...

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