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Quiz – questions from the natural sciences.

Robin Business December 25.12.2019 Belgrade, SerbiaHi all.Today I have prepared for your questions from History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geography.I think the questions are...

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Merry Christmas to you.

Robin Biznis December 24.2019 Belgrade, SerbiaHi allTo all members of the Catholic faith who celebrate tomorrow the birth of the coming of Jesus Christ,...

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What to eat to get better eyesight.

Robin Biznis December 23.2019 Belgrade, SerbiaIn February this year, I contracted glaucoma in a hospital.Drops or surgery help with this disease, nothing more.But if...

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Challenge: Make a strudel!

Robin Biznis December 22.12.2019 Belgrade, SerbiaHolidays are coming. And rich meals are being prepared for the holidays.At least for those people who can afford...

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Man and the wolf, the story of loneliness.

Robin Biznis December 22.2019 Belgrade, SerbiaIt is known that when a wolf is thrown out of the pack it will not be able to...

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