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Homemade goat

Since I am in the countryside, there are many real farmers involved in farming and livestock farming in my immediate area. One farmer also has a large number of native goats that I painted recently when I went for a walk and were grazing in a fenced pasture. Domestic goat is a domesticated subspecies of wild goat of southwest Asia and Europe. The goat belongs to the family of hives and is closely related to the sheep, since they both belong to the subfamily of the goat. Sheep and goats can be called by the common name of small animals. The goat gives us milk.

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Written by lado

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    • Thanks for viewing and a friendly comment, dear Elenka….I don’t drink goat’s milk but I really like goat’s cheese ….. I’m still blocked and I can’t post any posts so I’m probably retreating … every once in a while I’ll look at you a little bit and open and read a post and you won’t comment … I hope you understand me and don’t mind me

  1. I think I’m quite familiar with that funny face, dear friend.

    I see many goat and sheep farms in the suburbs, and every year, there are times when so many goats enter the city! Yes, they are brought to the city, almost in every housing to be sold as sacrificial animals to celebrate Eid al-Adha (Commemorating the day when Abraham was ordered to slaughter one of his sons) which is done by Muslims as the majority in my country.

    Goat milk? Hmmm… I have drunk it a few times but it doesn’t look too suitable for my taste. Hehehe…

    • Thank you for your visit and nice comment, dear friend…i agree with you … i can only help you by commenting … i’ve looked at all your posts so you won’t be amazed when you only get 2 virily

  2. Your cover picture still has me laughing. The goat seems to almost be looking at you wondering why you are there.

    I love goat cheese. I am not a big fan of regular cheese, but I love goat cheese!

    Thank you so much for sharing a part of your world with us!

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