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The Vitamin That Can Make You Happier

Vitamin B6, a vitamin so little explored by the media that makes up the B complex and so friendly to us. This vitamin, also...

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Dogs know when someone is not trustworthy

According toa study published in Animal Cognition, dogs can feel when a person is not trustworthy. When a dog decides that a person is...

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Five Harmful Foods

Eating is one of life's greatest pleasures, but what we choose to put on our plates can have an unhealthy impact on our bodies...

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The good side of coffee

Many experts say that the habit of drinking coffee can be beneficial and that there is a good side of coffee: It is a producer...

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Deep sleep and Alzheimer

A new study has found that brain waves produced while sleeping help fights the onset of Alzheimer's disease. When we sleep soundly, electrical signals form...

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