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Children at home

We are going through a phase where we must all stay at home to protect ourselves and others.There are great ideas for entertaining at...

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Coronavirus can survive on surfaces

According to a study published in the scientific journal medRxiv, Covid-19 can survive in the air for several hours and, on some surfaces, for...

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Coronavirus: how to disinfect your phone without damaging it

The Telegraph spoke to some experts about the dangers of the mobile phone as a transmitter for the Covid-19. According to experts, any surface...

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Six foods to improve your immune system

Since prevention is always better than cure, there is nothing better than using food to boost the immune system. After all, having a strong...

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Coronavirus: why is it so difficult to stop touching the face?

It is one of the most common habits of the human being and also one that goes unnoticed - however, the gesture that is...

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