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Explaining the Virily Movers project

I wanted to explain the concept of a Virily Mover better. It is a traditional social media view of someone’s impact. I break that down into three distinct concepts. The first concept is their posts are often found in the most commented section of virily, or can routinely be found in the hot section. The hot section is where your post goes when you get the up arrows next to the number of views. That means your post is “hot” it stays in the normal Virily view area until it reaches a specific milestone. I’ve noticed the milestone is anywhere from 110 to 130 views in a 24 or so hour period. It is a range honestly because I’ve ever actually been logged onto the platform when my post moved into the hot section.

Movers, however, are not just about their posts. We all can probably tell whose posts move quickly. Movers are also about the following:

•When they comment other users also comment

•When they view, they bring along other virily users

But it is more than that. Another component of the mover concept has to do with things we can’t capture (external views) nor things that matter to authors. Although there is the concept of someone that is a frequent social responder (they click on your twitter or other links) and become a Virily member I have and we have no way to gather that information.

The three parts of movers:

1. Their posts are often in the most commented section

2 .Their posts are often hot or have the rising logo on the post

3. When they comment other authors comment

4. When they read other authors, read as well

Now in fairness, we can only track  3 of the 4 (the 4th one I cannot track easily. But the concept is to watch 10-20 posts per day (different authors each time) to see how things are moving in the system. This is by no means a scientific exacting study of the concepts of what is working and what isn’t working. This evaluates the movement of various authors posts over some time.

I would love to figure out a way to determine if titles have a big or a medium impact. I know they have an impact, but we have no way to study that scientifically nor is there a subjective good vs bad title baseline.

I hope this explanation helps!

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  1. At the end of the post, just before you give an UpVote or DownVote the question is “What Do You Think?” and the truth is I never thought it about it all. LOL. I gave this post an UpVote for “originality”. LOL.

  2. Thanks!
    As far as titles – they can work sometimes. (but is it internal or external) The first time I trended here Norman said “wow you’re trending” in a comment. Surprised me. It was an article about heirloom melons. The title was “Sugar Warts and Sweet Flesh”. I told Norman that it must be the sweet flesh part. It had an awesome picture.
    It has been true many places I’ve been that posts about the platform attract by title. On Niume this was worth many, many views.

    • I remember trying to figure out Niume. I struggled with the overall platform the entire time it was active.

      There were more holes there than here by a factor of 10.

      But titles do often have a huge impact. In fact, I can give you one title that is guaranteed to get 100 views in 24 hours.

      • Save it for a rainy day. If you say it here there will be 5 or 10 of those shortly. (lol)
        Titles can be quite impactful. In studying journalism they taught us headlines – they followed advertising norms and amped up the sensational aspects. (They didn’t call it sensationalism though) It was based on the seven basic appeals. And, stuff like “Fire and Vandalism …” was king.
        One must not become a shameless “click-bait” provocateur though. People really don’t like that.

        • I actually was doing my wander project back on Niume. At that time one of the moderators recommended, since it was often the same concept, to give it a theme.

          Wander project was born!

  3. Thanks for the detailed explanation. In my opinion, the headlines are important. I don’t pick posts by title but I think some members are looking at titles. I think the topic (content) of the post also plays a big role.

    • I try to read all your posts, I know I’ve missed a few. But for me the author is more important than the title.

      However, I do agree with you that the title of the article drives views!

  4. Q: feel free to fire questions in the comments!
    Yes (7 votes) – 100%
    Q: Does this make more sense?
    Yes (6 votes) – 100%
    Q: Do article titles make a big difference?
    Yes (8 votes) – 89%
    No (1 votes) – 11%

  5. I see many of my posts in ‘trending’, most commented and yes I see that rising logo too and considering I am here just for 60 days I am happy that my work is recognised.

    And by the way I got my first payment and have written a post on it and was hoping you will notice it but you did not.

  6. I have had a couple of my post with those hot arrows, I know that there a few people whose posts are always there. I would agree that their following and their constant interactions with others gets them there.

  7. Too technical for me. But definitely the content of the article matters. I mean I read some posts randomly and found it to be a waste of time then I will not read from that author again.