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Communiation from the Virily Admin team and the definition of Moderation!


I have two distinct and separate communications from the Admin team that I wanted to share and make sure everyone knew. The first is that they (the admin and development teams) for Virily are having a technical issue that has caused this problem. They are working on it as I type. They are also checking with the development team to see if they can give us an update either directly on the site (banner) or to one of the authors that have reached out.) At this point some news is better than no news. I did forward to the Admin team all the posts I made this weekend (the response above was their answer to my first email sent on Saturday with a link to the Friday post).

Over the weekend there was a fix offered that didn’t work (going directly to the URL) that confirmed that this is a technical issue, in specific that it is a directory issue. Now, the reality is what happened to cause that. In the IT world where I live there is the concept of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) that is performed on outages, issues, and problems. I have also heard that one user that had the issue is now able to create. Another user that didn’t have the create button was able to use the link that Norman shared directly to the publication page. That is really good news that we are slowly but surely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I know a lot of people are frustrated.

I hope that as people are again able to create that they will leave a comment here so I can go tomorrow and read their posts (or Wednesday) pending moderation time. I did want to clarify one thing one last time. I am very concerned that there are some authors here on Virily that don’t necessarily understand what is meant by the term moderation. I talked about this yesterday but want to clarify this. Moderation comes from the old BITNET system of years ago. It means that the owner or moderator of a list is responsible for the content in other posts. In particular, moderators used to remove highly inflammatory and rude comments. They would also check for validity and source. If they found a user was plagiarizing data they would ban that user. The moderators on Virily check for plagiarism, validate proper images, check for the inappropriate league (curse words, posts not in English). That is the extent of moderation for the site. They do not do a spell check or other things, that is what an editor does, not a moderator.

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    Is the definition of moderation clear?

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    • No
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    Have you heard from the admins recently?

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    • No
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    Do you agree with the definition of moderation?

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    If you see the create button please let us know! OK?

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    Don’t give up we are all here with you! ok?

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  1. I don’t see why the admins can’t post a message informing everyone what is happening here. I am not sure why Virily finds it so hard to fix their problems. It happens on every site but they get to the root of it quickly.

    • They did communicate a lot more in the past. There used to be a banner, and they would interact with the facebook group.
      There used to be a persistent support chat.

      The growth of the site seems to have killed that communication.

      So my honest answer to your question about communication is I do not know.

  2. Q: Is the definition of moderation clear?
    Yes (15 votes) – 88%
    No (2 votes) – 12%
    Q: Do you agree with the definition of moderation?
    Yes (15 votes) – 100%
    Q: If you see the create button please let us know! OK?
    Yes (14 votes) – 100%
    Q: Don’t give up we are all here with you! ok?
    Yes (15 votes) – 100%
    Q: Have you heard from the admins recently?
    Yes (4 votes) – 25%
    No (12 votes) – 75%

  3. Thank you for the communication and sharing the messages with us too. I believe the Virily team is working hard on it, even though he might not respond to all of our questions. I hope they will be able to find out the issue and solution very soon. 🙂

  4. Thank you for clarifying moderation. I have sent you a message about the replies I received from Virily. One is the usual one where they’re working on the problem and the other is one I do not understand why it came to me. Anyway, as a struggling writer where every penny counts on every site, for now, I am going to just respond to notifications and read and comment but with the ending of the year if I have not managed to get some really serious content or freelance work my situation will become much more serious and I am going to have to devote all my time to places from which I can expect finances no matter what. For now, I am through complaining and I am glad everyone is attempting to pull together. Do you know how many of us are without a means of posting?

  5. Again, I feel helpless in front of all the problems and issues that some of the Virilyans have reported. I clearly see the create button and I have been able to create posts with no problems whatsoever. As for the earnings, I am not too concerned with as I am not that prolific enough to be able to withdraw weekly or monthly and I usually withdraw about every 4 to 6 months. The only thing I would add is that the administration should and might even want to post a message or an explanation of the problems that they are facing on their end so that maybe we can understand what is going on …

  6. I do see the “create button” – letting you know.
    ((( Far be it for me to advise but i have thought in the past that the situation here could benefit from a “read only” feed from the Virily team. Posts could be read by all and not replied to. A way to make announcements)))
    Cheers, everyone.

  7. I contacted the administrators and received a reply saying they were having technical issues. I think that’s the answer we all received.
    Just by the way … now I get the viriles to view polls and quizzes, but not for the rest

  8. About the moderation, you’ve clearly explained it. Their work is to check whether the posts and comments comply with the site’s rules and regulations. Also, they publish posts that meet those standards. The work of grammar, punctuation marks and spelling mistakes is the work of editors. In such instances, they will always send the work back to the authors to correct the mistakes.
    I hope the technical team will be successful in arresting the situation.
    I’m glad they responded. Let’s hope for the best.

  9. Much to my surprise, I also got the answer that it’s a technical problem and they’re working on it … I don’t know what kind of computer masters they need to take a week to fix one error … and yet that’s a question if they do something … sorry for them i don’t believe … i would understand somehow if the whole system crashed but no error occurs at random to 5 members … but thank you again for your efforts and your effort, dear friend

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