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Robin Business December 25.12.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

Hi all.

Today I have prepared for your questions from History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geography.I think the questions are not difficult, some are generally known, and some are taught in elementary school.But we need to be reminded of them. Questions from Geography are topical because population growth is changing, cities are growing.There may be a problem with the answers.The data is from 2018.

Anyway, I expect you to take part in solving this interesting quiz.

I wish you good knowledge.

Good luck.

  • Question of

    Do you know the color of red litmus paper, an indicator of acidity if you soak it in a stale, alkaline medium?

    • Red color
    • Blue color
    • White color
  • Question of

    Do you know at what age a person contains the highest percentage of water in their body?

    • Like a baby
    • As a grown man
    • Like an old man
  • Question of

    Do you know which city in 2108 most people lived in? about 38 million?

    • Delhi, India
    • Jakarta, Indonesia
    • Tokio, Japan
  • Question of

    Do you know what is necessary to play the process of photosynthesis?

    • Carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight.
    • Oxygen, water, and sunlight.
    • Sunlight, cell, chlorophyll.
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    Do you know who in the old century proposed the geocentric system of the world, which is now accepted by many supporters of flat land?

    • Apolonia
    • Claudius Ptolemaeus
    • Euclid
  • Question of

    Do you know which liquid is said to be a universal solvent?

    • Alcohol
    • Gasoline
    • Water
  • Question of

    Do you know how many sons she had with King of England Henry II Plantagenet, Eleanor of Aquitaine?

    • One Son
    • Two sons
    • Three sons
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    Do you know which city has the most skyscrapers, that is, solitaire in the world?

    • New York, USA
    • Hong Kong, China
    • Dubai, UAE


What do you think?

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