This grape is really bigger than a chicken egg

This image is not photo shopped, but a real image of a rare type of bigger grape that can be seen to be larger than a chicken egg. There is a lot of talk on Vietnamese social media these days about this grape, which is also being sold under the name “VIP Variety”. Its one bag cost 300 Dollars. There are only a few grapes piece of this grape in a bag and it weighs about one kilogram.

They are also more expensive because, firstly, they are rare, and secondly, because of the special care taken to pack them. For each VIP variety to be “marketable”, each grain must be between 4 and 5 centimeters wide. In this way, only after putting a few grains in a bag, it weighs one kilogram or more.

Despite being very expensive, these grapes are becoming very popular in Vietnam. ۔ One shopkeeper said that when she advertised these rare grapes on social media, she had sold fifty bags of these grapes in just a few minutes. ۔ Now they are waiting for the new shipment because a large section of the Vietnamese people want to buy them.

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