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Church Hofskirkja simultaneously charming and creepy scene

Church Hofskirkja simultaneously charming and creepy scene thick grass cover which connects the country with a cute roof homes is one of the last...

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Lake Kado

Lake Kado, a place where the biggest growth conifers in the world on the border states of Texas and Louisiana is a small miracle...

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Houses with eyes … Sibiu, Romania T

Houses with eyes ... Sibiu, Romania These windows are designed to ventilated attics, where they are stored meat, cheese and cereal, without putting a...

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"Shoes with the river Danube" – Budapest

"Shoes with the river Danube" - Budapest 60 pairs of metal shoes lined promenade on the Danube near Parliament in memory of the 3,500 people...

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Bucharest capital Romania

Bucharest capital  Romania also called the Little Paris and Paris East . In the southern part of the country in the historical province of...

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