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Prague is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Europe. The city of bridges, the city of cathedrals, the city of hundreds...

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🇱🇧 Baalbek

Baalbek, also called Heliopolis, is a spectacular archaeological site in northeastern Lebanon. From the 1st century BC and for two centuries, the Romans built...

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There are 17 pyramids in Russia, and the largest is near Moscow. In Russia, they are not tombs, but ambulances! The pyramids have a...

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"Hanging" hotel Skylodge (heavenly hut), Peru

"Hanging" hotel Skylodge (heavenly hut), Peru "Hanging" hotel, opened in 2013, consisting of 4 transparent capsules attached to a mountain cliff, was designed by Ario...

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Church of the Holy Trinity, Codrongianos, Sardinia, Italy

Church of the Holy Trinity, Codrongianos, Sardinia, Italy This church is an example of Pisan Romanesque architecture. The black and white basilica dates from the...

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🇱🇧 Baalbek


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