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We still have issues, but Virily is very complex!


Hi! I am back and ready to get rolling! I feel refreshed and ready to tackle issues.

1. The Virily application (long explanation here: Most web-based systems operate as applications. They have scripts, and code that executes when the user logs on, to use the site) was built on the WordPress Platform. WordPress is a form of OSS (Open Source Software). OSS is software that exists, is maintained and developed bya community but it is not sold.

2. The screen many people have seen is a WordPress template and would be expected if there are issues.

3. The problems appear to be isolated to the members of Virily that joined after the original crew was on the site, and before that newest members.

a. The oldest and newest are still able to post.

b.It is very frustrating, and hopefully, we get a resolution!

One of the things we have to consider is that Virily is both A somewhat costly per month (they have to store, posts, pictures, and comments. The posts and comments are little to no space at all. The pictures even at less than eight megs adds up. An application like Virily has three parts, and the issues we’ve been experiencing for the past 12 days could be in any of the three.

Front end (sometimes called web servers)

Middle, process or sometimes called business layer


Virily is most like what is called an n-tier application. You have that front end that connects first to the login process. I am a valid user. Then you have the storage (your user profile) and what is your Virily screen. Your dashboard, profile, and the listing of the badges you received. Etc. The next tier is either the reading or posting tier. The tier separate from that is the commenting and the up and downvoting/emojis for each post. Then you have the storage area for your old posts. This has to have both reference to you as a user, and reference to the posts you’ve made in the past. Normally this done by assigning each post a UID or GUID; a UID is a Unique Modification. A GUID is simply a global one, in the sense that it covers a larger system.

The site “Virily” interacts with users in the following ways (before posting).

There is an A record. ( so in your browser, the Domain Name Service DNS, entry for Virily goes to the server farm that hosts virily.

Then there is the login. The site (virily) doesn’t seem to support cookies, so you have to log in each time.

One of the errors I’ve seen is getting logged out of the site, and not knowing it! When you have an issue, make sure (user icon right side of your screen) that you are logged in.

Then you either choose to read the posts of others, deal with your notifications or create a new post.

It is a very complex application. I wish it was working correctly.

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    I am sorry the site is still down. Did this explain a little how complex a problem this is?

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    If you do decided to leave, please PM me your blog destination ok?

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    I know a lot of people are frustrated, please feel free to vent here!!!!!

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