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Be careful when you go out.

The lockdown has lifted for most people here in Israel. But most of the time I see the masks worn improperly.  So I stay...

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Feeling Good the New Mood Therapy

Eventhough this book was published a while ago, I keep going back to it.  I rarely read books more than once, well except for...

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How to wear a mask

I have been out and about and I want to model all the different ways that I have seen masks being worn. This is the...

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A cup of coffee to stay home

Now that some places have opened up a little, we need to remember to take time to rest. I have to take this advice...

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Clouds in the valley Jerusalem

This is the view right now! If you are driving through it it will look like to you grey fog. This happens when the...

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Rachael Alice Orbach

Teacher, Musician, Blogger

I was born in Upstate New York, then moved with my family to Los Angeles.  Grew up there but always had my eyes on the Holy City of Jerusalem, so now I live in Jerusalem, Israel.  I am an English teacher,  on-line.  I also teach music, and have a YouTube Channel for teaching and music. Look me up on iTunes for my original music.

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