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Cilka's Journey Book Review

I was drawn to read this book about World War II, the writer makes us feel like we are really there with the main...

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Lion of Jerusalem

A about  ten years ago there was a contest for artists to paint plaster statues of a lion, which is the symbol of the...

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Graduation of the class 2020

My son just  graduated from high school. Each graduate was only allowed 2 guests, we had to wear masks inside the room, and it...

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Hebrew for beginners

This is a book that I teach to beginners of Hebrew. It starts with the Hebrew letters and then adds the vowels. What is...

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Home office

This is my home office that I just finished building. I have everything within arm's reach, all the books that I teach, pens ,paper,...

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About me

Rachael Alice Orbach

Teacher, Musician, Blogger

I was born in Upstate New York, then moved with my family to Los Angeles.  Grew up there but always had my eyes on the Holy City of Jerusalem, so now I live in Jerusalem, Israel.  I am an English teacher,  on-line.  I also teach music, and have a YouTube Channel for teaching and music. Look me up on iTunes for my original music.

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