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Happiness Cake

My mother, daughter and I were going through my mother's files and we found this poem that my mother had copied over. It is...

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Hi! Cat in the grass

This street cat ran away from me, as I tried to pet it, but it is very photogenic! These are many cats in Jerusalem...

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The Sun King, King Louis XIV of France

France in the Reign of King Louis XIV was a powerful country, waging wars to conquer more land.  But inside the King Louis XIV...

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Ramona looking at the view

Ramona likes to look at the view, we live on the 7th floor and there are lots of interesting things going on in the...

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Pandas climb using their heads! Now here is some good news from China for a change!  Pandas climb using their heads in a similar way that baby kangaroos do...

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About me

Rachael Alice Orbach

Teacher, Musician, Blogger

I was born in Upstate New York, then moved with my family to Los Angeles.  Grew up there but always had my eyes on the Holy City of Jerusalem, so now I live in Jerusalem, Israel.  I am an English teacher,  on-line.  I also teach music, and have a YouTube Channel for teaching and music. Look me up on iTunes for my original music.

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Happiness Cake

Hi! Cat in the grass

The Sun King, King Louis XIV of France

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