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Jerusalem String Bridge with a Rainbow!

My husband took this picture a while ago, maybe 2 years ago?  But I can't stop looking at it. You can see how the...

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The First Tokugawa Ruler – History of Japan

Today was are studying the first Shogun ruler of Japan,  Tokkugawa ieyasu.  He didn't have a very happy childhood, so maybe that is why...

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Henry Hudson and his trips to Canada.

Henry Hudson was a very determined explorer, he went to Canada four times to try to find the Northwest Passage across North America. One...

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The Wall – A different kind of Wall Music by Rachael Alice Orbach

I have invented a new way of writing and producing songs.  I have a music writing program on my computer, and I write the...

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3333 Challenge

I challenge  you all to put up pictures of when you have all the same number of notifications!  I found that I have all...

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About me

Rachael Alice Orbach

Teacher, Musician, Blogger

I was born in Upstate New York, then moved with my family to Los Angeles.  Grew up there but always had my eyes on the Holy City of Jerusalem, so now I live in Jerusalem, Israel.  I am an English teacher,  on-line.  I also teach music, and have a YouTube Channel for teaching and music. Look me up on iTunes for my original music.

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