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Surprise in the Cypress

Captured this baby Mockingbird in my Cypress tree in the backyard. I have heard the Mockingbirds talking more than usual lately. And now I know why. They are very noisy birds. They mock sounds of other birds and will talk into this night. Truly amazing birds.

When I would go out to water the birds I noticed more activity from the Mockingbirds. They would get closer to me and much noisier than usual. Protecting the babies. Not sure if there are more. This is the only one I have seen so far.

So cool to see yet another baby bird in my backyard. Nature is offering more miracles for me to enjoy and share with you.

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Written by Carol DM


    • How kind of you Doc. They are the next best thing, along with the robins and cardinals and well you know. The bluebirds still visit but no babies. The robins have claimed the yard this year. It could be worse. Thank you very much.