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Dancing In The "Rain" – Photos chain Challenge

I continue the photo chain from Ileana’s photo “Walking on the street”.

The element I choose is street, or in my case, it’s more of a path.

I took the photo a few years ago and even though it’s nothing impressive, the scene always fills me with joy. I hope it makes you smile too. A bird needs so litte to be happy.

Here are some elements you can choose from: bird/animal, sprinkler/water, puddles, grass/plants, etc.

  • Question of

    Do you try to find joy in the little things?

  • Question of

    Do you enjoy watching the birds?


What do you think?

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  1. dancing in the rain, evoked such a wonderful feeling. First, pictures of rain are always better than rain falling around me. Second, the bird looks happy!

    next one in this series, Singing in the rain? πŸ™‚


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