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Lahore’s airpocalypse

With winter approaching, the city of Lahore Pakistan is once again choking on smog, placing it back on the list of the most polluted...

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Founder of reverse swing in cricket history

Waseem Akram is a pakistani cricketer, cricket commentator, coach He is one of the greatest bowler of all time he is a left arm...

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A beautiful view of GIKI

Ghulam Ishaq Khan institute of Engineering science of technology is one of the Pakistan's most prestigious university located in Topi Sawabi KPK Pakistan Established in...

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Most dangerous bird of the world

The cassowary is the most dangerous bird on the planet by the Guinness book of world records found on the Australian continent and papua...

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Do you know any other language

The speaking two or more languages can improve your employment prospects study after study has demonstrated the cognitive benefit of learning another language no...

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