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Red Male Cardinal ~ Backyard Birds

These birds are such a delight to see at the deck feeder. This is the male Northern Cardinal. The female is more of a brown with a reddish colored beak and tail. The male always has a burst of color stronger than the female.

Sharing this photo with my Backyard Birds series I started awhile back. I have many different birds that visit the deck feeder. This one has a sunflower seed in his mouth. He cracks it and leaves the shells for  me to clean up.

My Dad always called these redbirds. We talked every day about birds. I miss those talks.

They also look stunning in the snow with their bright red color. The sunflower seeds and peanuts are two of their favorite foods.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Photo ©CarolDM

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Written by Carol DM


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  1. I was going to ask how you know it was a Male but then I kept reading and my answer was there. I guess cardinals and bluejays are in the same burden family as both like sunflower seeds and peanuts… Great photographic feat…


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