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My week long Virily view project is now over!

I am going to share the results I’ve gotten from my week-long project. I am not going to respond to argumentative questions about the data. It is simply the data I collected. If you have additional or different data, please share that! But not interested in arguing this. I am simply providing information to the community.

  1. Sharing – I shared posts via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Mix, and a few by Reddit.
  2. I edited old spots that were high views but low comments.
  3. I shared old Virily posts of mine.

That is the initial reality of the project. Once I started sharing things, I had the following. If I shared your post and commented that was marked and I checked your post later. If you responded to my comment, I shared your post again.

What Did I find?

  1. Facebook was the top driver for views (which I was shocked by) for other users. However, based o where we are right now, the current state was way fewer views. Based on the greatly reduced views overall, I think this may be a false positive.
  2. Edited post and old shared old posts had very different views. Edited posts came into Virily as if they were new, shared old posts with high views, picked up many more views than the edited posts did (one edited post with more than 1000 views ended up growing more than any other ending up over 1200 views in total, the rest moved 10-20 views total)
    1. This concerns me, the value of an edited post isn’t much.
    2. Unless the post was high views in the first place, then it will move again.
    3. For this, I got much more response from twitter.
    4. I did not share old posts on Facebook and will have to examine that going forward.
  3. When I shared my posts on twitter, I got many more external views. That was not the case for sharing other author’s posts on twitter.
  4. Mix had virtually no increase in views for anyone.
  5. Pinterest also had little to any view impact.

I have a couple of conclusions overall.

What do I think?

I have thought for more than two years that twitter was the answer for views on Virily. It is for my posts, but right now didn’t move anyone else. Facebook shares go into two writing groups I am a part of and did generate some views.

All in all, I look back at this project and think it wasn’t the best use of my time. I keep thinking there has to be a way to increase views. I know there is, we will find it! The only thing I know for sure out of this experiment is if you have a low comment, but high view posts in your archive edit them and get them back into the flow of the site. That is the only thing out of this project that moved the most!

High view, high scammed older posts that are shared, end up with more views than the same type of post edited.

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    i was shocked that Facebook had better views than twitter, were you?

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    twitter did better for my own posts but not the posts of others interesting yeah?

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    try sharing some of your old posts on twitter and see if you get a bump from that ok?

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