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So yesterday we talked a little about some of the why share from Virily to the world. Today I wanted to talk about a couple of things. The first is kind comments. There are several writers here on Virily that post incredibly kind comments on every post they read. One of the things I am doing as of two days ago is telling people when their kind words helped me feel better. It is a simple part of the community, to complement those that are nice to the rest of us. I also wanted to call attention to the respectful argument that occurred on my post of yesterday. In both cases, the author wasn’t clear about what I had said and nicely asked a follow on question. In the second case, they disagreed with my point and noted that.  Link is here.

It is ok to disagree with another author. You won’t hurt my feelings. If you present, as the authors did at the link above, an argument I will consider that argument. If you resort to name callings, I won’t interact with you any longer. But overall if you are willing to spend the time arguing your point, I am willing to consider that point, and sometimes I even end up changing my point.

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” Socrates.

Now for my apologies.

1. I realized yesterday that I was relying on the latest page on Virily to read people’s posts. I found out I had missed posts by two authors whose posts I love. I am sorry I missed those.

2. If I read your posts, it is because the title or subject area interested me. I am not hurt if you don’t read my posts.

Of course, I am opening up these posts and sharing them to encourage people to ask questions! If I or any of the other fantastic author on this site can help we will!!!

  • Question of

    Have you ever realized the way you were doing something wasn’t the right way?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Are there other questions you would like to discuss?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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  1. This is my 10th day and may be I should wait to give my two pence worth opinions. Suffice it to say I am happy here.

    Some observations:

    – Support always says – try again later
    – Some users do not even comment on responses leave alone coming to my posts I have stopped interacting with them. I have bought my peace – nothing to be done here.
    – The typos in responses and comments cannot be edited – very embarrassing sometimes.
    -I tried to use the mass option to delete my notifications It did not work. I will give it another try.
    -This could be a glitch I see my post being responded to but it is not seen in my approved list And then there is another post which is approved but it is lodged in the draft folder

    Thanks for reading this.

    • The mass deletion of old notifications should work. If it fails, try refreshing the page of your browser and then try again!

      Editing comments is CarolDM’s long-time quest. I think she first posted about that more than two years ago.

      We have also dreamed of submitting and editing lives posts!

      However, I will tell you that the site is so much better than it wa 3 years ago, 2 years and even as recently as a year ago. They continued to work on issues it just takes time!

      • One other thing I have noticed and that is users are not consistent here I want to increase my following/follow list but not sure those who have not been writing for days would be interested in getting back to read my posts.

        • one of the things that I worked on in the past was creating a movers list. The people that always bring other readers when they read posts. I did it last in the winter, I just ran out of time this summer to do it again.

          It is a lot of work.

          I think the best advice I can give you, is the reality of “publish, read and comment eventually the readers will come!”

          • I just want to keep on posting but feel should wait for those in the pending list to be published not all but may be when the pending list gets down to say two I should post again.

  2. As we share our posts with each other, we share our opinions, and they can be different. Most important to add comments and express a different opinion in a polite manner. I think discussions bring clarification and truth as such. So, we should not feel bad because someone has a different opinion.

    • I agree completely. It’s ok to disagree. It is ok to disagree, to clarify and to push for common ground.

      It is ok to argue any idea any author pushes out.

      The only thing we can never do is argue the person.

  3. Always something to think about and to consider. Right now I am playing a kind of balancing game on Virily with my posts. I usually try to put in 3 -4 posts one being my quizz. Then I notice either they all get approved or some approved and my quiz waiting its time. This then makes me think about when I will post the next time so as not to have a run one of my posts. It’s getting confusing.

    • If, the opinion of a reader matters here, i read your posts when they come out (for the most part). Sometimes I miss a group because they didn’t come up in my latest and I go back and read them later.

      I am not sure it really matters either way. I have no idea if that ramble helps. I hope it does.

  4. Another great post Doc. I always believe it is ok to disagree and it is best to agree to disagree. You have made some good points. And your posts are always informative for all, both veteran and new members. If we had a wish list. On the top would be allowing us to edit comments. Just sayin’.

    And yes the beautiful rose on the cover drew me in thinking this could not be Doc’s post. You are definitely converted. 🙂

  5. I find that for the most part I don’t disagree with the author and can respond positively to posts here. What is annoying are the glitches that occur daily — for example, replies coming up as duplicates when you only hit enter once. Sigh.

  6. For question 2 I answered No when it should have been Yes!

    I have long been annoyed by the strange ways that Virily has of annoying one when posts are posted! It would appear that the software is not particularly robust, so text can just vanish and it may or not re-appear some time later. This is particularly noticeable when posting quizzes and polls – you enter a question (or an answer option), press the button, and it all disappears! Or it may not – it is like playing Russian roulette!

    It also annoys me that text can be pasted into a box but appears with spaces between words having vanished – not all of them, just some. What is all that about?

    In short, this site could be a lot more user-friendly. People would be more inclined to post good stuff if it was less frustrating to so do.

    I would also like to be able to report spam posts directly when they appear. Other sites offer this facility, why not Virily?

    • So one of the things I have learned about Virily. I write my posts in outlook (normally I start the idea like, today in an email and then to send it to myself and finish the thought later). Before posting i paste the text into Notepad on my computer, copy and then paste it into the Virily window. That doesn’t seem to remove the spacing and other formatting issues (Notepad also strips hyperlinks so you have to add those back in Virily).

      The junk posts and I would add nasty comments, are ones I would love to see added. For example, if someone is extremely rude, and I report their comments I lose two Virils. I understand that and I agree with that. But as the owner of the post if i report a comment that comment should remain off the site.

      As for SPAM content, I agree completely, just want to add nasty comments to taht.

  7. You always show support and care when reading my post. You have become a true friend here. I value your friendship. I miss a lot of post by my faithful readers, but with everything right now going on in my life I can’t comment a lot. I am sorry for missing many of your posts as well as other writer’s post.

  8. I agree with your point of view. I generally read a post and maybe I don’t post my comment on all of them but avoid negative comments. However, virily is an international community so sometimes the expressions create confusion due misunderstanding of a point (sometimes language is a problem) I have faced this situation once on this site because a member did not understand my point in my comment. I do not show my disagreement in my comments even if I do not subscribe to a particular ideology.


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