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Why should I share Virily Posts on Social Media Sites?

If you don’t share, please consider this, the case for Sharing Virily Posts to Social media. I know, we don’t get Virils for Guest views, We used to, but we don’t anymore. That said, I published a post yesterday asking about sharing. Many people expressed both sides of the argument, about how and if they share information from Virily to the many Social media platforms. The reason for this column is to talk about the interesting responses to the question do you share Virily content.

1. It is wholly the choice of authors to share or not to share anything they want to!

2. If you do share, there is a good reason why you should continue.

Let’s talk about the reality that is Virily today. It, Virily is an advertising-driven site. What that means is that the servers, storage, and admin/development team that operate Virily are paid for by the advertising revenue. In the modern world, that is all about the clicks. The more the view of content, the more Virily gets paid (partially). The more people that click on advertisements and view the posts, the more Virily gets paid. So while we don’t get paid for guest views any longer and we don’t get paid to share to social media sites, you still get paid. It is more of an indirect revenue model. Many of the writers here on Virily were around for the decline and fall of Niume. Nimue’s initial decline (they stopped paying) had to do with the loss of revenue from advertising for the site. Virily is already three years, two years longer than Niume paid. The internet is littered with writing sites that used to pay and don’t anymore. There are few that survive.

One of the ways that Virily will survive is if we get more and more viewers.

1. You don’t get paid for a guest view directly, but you do support the platform when you do.

2. I know (because a few of my frequent internet social media readers have joined Virily) that a user that comes to Virily often may join. I have no idea what the concern rate is for that, but as I said, I know of at least 3!

What all of this means is that sharing does ultimately help you, the author. It isn’t direct income, but it is indirect.

But to be clear, it doesn’t matter if you don’t share! No one should start because of this article. It is a personal choice that each of us has to make.


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Growing your Virils!

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  • Question of

    do you agree it is your choice if you do or don’t share on social media?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Are you proud of the fact that Virily has paid for more than 3 years?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Is this series (including Carol’s really exceptional post) helping?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Thank you for sharing a very informative post. My opinion is that there are many members here just for earnings and it will be very difficult to do something for which they will not be paid. That’s just my opinion

      • It’s really sad. I would be happier if they helped one another. Sometimes I lose my joy to work. I have some problems with recent problems, I wait 2 days for posting approval (some members, especially new ones, have 5 posts per day per day … this affects me a little). Then I remember you and some other members, and I’m a little better at the moment.

        • I find you and others are the reason I come back every day. It is why I keep pushing the community and the Virily admin team to do better!

          I am sorry you are waiting for so long for posts. Some of the posters who do 5 or more posts per day I don’t read. Most of their stuff you can find in other places n the internet with verified sources!

          • Thank you very much for your kind comment. I also do not read these posts. I do not think that these members have so many posts every day (most are newer members). I will not comment on the work of these members. They can not approve me 1 post. I do not know, maybe I’m too sensitive, but certain things hit me. I will end up criticizing, but I had to give it away from myself ?

  2. A reason to share might also be that you have written a post you are proud of and you want to share it. Perhaps because I am older than dirt the value of being able to publish something worldwide still amazes me all the time. It’s amazing ! It’s democratizing ….
    Sharing work and getting feedback from a wide audience that is geographically disparate is pretty valuable stuff if you want to use it. Here one can share works in progress, get feedback, see other’s works in progress, give feedback, hear ideas form the other side of the world, share your ideas with the world, etc….
    I could expound on this until I made you all crazy, believe me. I won’t torture you; but, here you can share and receive views, articles, opinions, etc… directly without interference or filters or censors or…. Is it not intriguing and fun to do so? Anyway, (from me) thanks to Virily and all of you here. Thank you.

      • It doesn’t scare me and I did already know that it was the case for you. I know it is the underlying case for us all. I wanted to add the obvious even though the discussion was more about practical realities – you had covered it so well and I had little to add that was helpful really.
        I just wanted to say amazing a lot. It really is amazing.

        • Thank you for both the contribution and the kind words!

          Amazing is my 3rd favorite dual-purpose word!
          “You did an amazing job with your last picture shared, Howard.” Which I meant and honestly enjoyed the collage created very much!

          but at my house I often say
          To one of the twins “wow, you did an amazing job on the dishes. start over!”

          Amazing is a great word!

  3. First of all, love the flowers Doc. 🙂 And thanks for the mention. I have so much more to share about the site. I do have a question. Similar to Indexer’s response. I do not understand your statement…

    “They stopped because it was killing the site (performance). It was so bad we lost multiple writers because the site was so slow.”

    How does compensating for sharing make the site slow? I am missing something apparently.

    • Great question.

      Let’s say I ask you to tell me every person that touched the let’s say five one-dollar bills in your wallet?

      Could you do it easily? No.

      So, when you sent out a twitter link to a post the site had to create what is called a Unique ID for the link you shared. (you share, it is link #1 I share one of the same posts it is link #2 and so on).

      Now, that link that is created has to be managed. Every time a user connects from a link you have to check not only where are they coming from, but what link they are coming on. Eventually (probably because of me and a few other folks that shared heavily) it literally made the site look up the link, then open the post and at that point go back and give credit to the user that started the process by sharing.

      Does that help? Basically, it is taking one action (sharing a link) and making it into three actions (opening the post, checking to see who gets credit, giving credit).

        • I suspect what happened was when they closed the first cheating window (remember the drafts issue?) they opened a bigger problem with the guest share issue.

          They did give you credit for the external share, up until the last big update in June of this year.

        • PPS note The part of performance being the stated Admin reason for stopping guest viril awards (no more than 500 a day) came directly from the admins.

          The performance problem is my personal experience with how sites work.

      • PS that link you share is alive as long as it is still visible on social media. I share 25 to 30 posts a day.

        that means they have to create between 180 and 210 unique iD’s for me per week. Inside of the first year the site was active, it was probably close to 20,000 unique links for more that had to be checked every single time!

          • They no longer follow my share. When we share it brings views, but no credit is stored or managed. the lookups appear (IMHO) to have been the problem.

            Now no credit for sharing.
            No credit for the guest views.

            Indirect credit (Virily gains advertising revenue)

  4. I take the line that if you want to get somebody to do something, you need to offer them an incentive. I had considered sharing my posts on Twitter, but when I realized that no Virils were being offered, I decided not to.

    However, if Virily were to restore this incentive, I would change my mind. If Virily wanted to compensate for this – by example by reducing the Vrils offered for post views on polls from 5 to 4 – that would be a fair exchange. They could also restrict the Virils offered daily for guest views to 100 – the previous limit was 500.


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