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Dessert ~ Themes by the Month

Sharing a photo of one of my favorite desserts. Vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate syrup. Maybe this will qualify for Kim’s Wet November Themes by the Month challenge.

I don’t eat dessert often but on those rare occasions, I enjoy something a little sweet. 

The good things in life, right!

Photo ©CarolDM

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Written by Carol DM


  1. MY favorite ice cream are made from fresh fruits. I love the young coconut kernel ice cream , I make that once in a while with stevia.

  2. I mostly eat gelato, not ice cream. I thought they were the same thing but they are not. ?
    My favorite desserts are creamy, it could be “ice” but might be custard (crème brûlée), pudding and tiramisu as well.

  3. I do love ice cream, however, when I eat this treat it has to be made with Almond milk. I have found a brand I can eat, and some of their flavors are great. it is Artic Blastic Brownie Blast.